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Microsoft Access Tips and Techniques

This page contains links to other website pages of technical points on Microsoft Access database development and Access VBA programmimg.

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Coping with null values in query expression fields shows the use of the NZ function in preventing errors in the results of calculations in Access queries.

Attaching labels to control objects on a form shows how to restore a label to a control in the design of a form.

Access 2002 form loses subform Problem of a main form loosing one of its subforms during the design process.

List all database objects presents VBA functions for making lists of the tables, queries, forms and reports that make up a database.

Excel-like rounding of numbers presents an Access VBA function that produces the same results as Excel's ROUND function.

Compacting database and database speed is about taking care of Access database files and addressing the issue of 'bloat'.

AutoNumber field error offers diagnosis of, and solution to, the problem of an AutoNumber primary-key field causing errors when inputting a new record is attempted.

Form or report control displays #Error explains one common cause for the unwelcome appearance of this result in a text box.


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