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Below are pointers to pages of technical matters relating to Access, Excel, Outlook, Word and VBA.

You will also find pointers to pages of DMW's views on a variety of topics to do with running a business as a freelance consultant.

Some topics, eg Managing the Email Load might interest you even if you are not a freelance.

Until a comments section has been added to this site, please let DMW know your thoughts on what is written or what you would like to see written about.

When an appropriate page is due to appear and when one has been updated, DMW will let you know.

Access and Excel

Rounding numbers is a commentary on various functions and techniques for rounding numbers in Microsoft Access and Excel, and by use of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

Floating point numbers and scaling deals with some aspects of working with real numbers that may be too large or too small for the computer to store with total precision.

Excel and BODMAS is for anyone who thinks “I cannot do the maths”. It’s a short guide on how to apply the simple rules of arithmetic to formulae in Excel spreadsheets. Even if you’re not planning to use Excel, you might find this a useful revision of BODMAS/BIDMAS anyway.

Creating a Contacts Database is a guide on the tables to use when creating a Microsoft Access contacts database from the ground up. Adapting the recommended tables to suit your own databases should help you avoid some of the shortcomings of designs for contacts databases that appear elsewhere on the web.

Elsewhere you will find tips and techniques for Microsoft Access and Excel.

Working as a Freelance

Managing the Email Load passes on tips for making email work for you by reducing the stress commonly associated with keeping up with it as it eats up more of the working day.

What fee to charge for freelance work includes suggestions on how to work out an hourly rate and then use it when pitching for work.

Planned Topics

  • Writing proposals and reports
  • A beginner's guide to creating a database
  • Working from home
  • Organising your work as a freelance
  • Blocking those ‘on behalf of’ emails.

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