“Effective product returns strategies and programs can result in
increased revenues, lower costs, improved profitability
and enhanced levels of customer service.”

James Stock, Thomas Speh and Herbert Shear (2006)

Product Returns Tracking System

The database DMW Consultancy created for its client records damaged, faulty and incorrectly ordered or dispatched goods returned by customers.

Tracking applies to write-offs, returns to stock and replacement goods.

The system maintains a complete history of communications with customers and with the shipping agents.

It produces returns notes and other standard documents that form part of the returns process.

Analysis of patterns of returns highlights possible manufacturing problems and impact on stock levels.

Analysis of shipping agents' and carriers' performance extends the monitoring process. Periodic reports provide operational and financial information.

Value to Client

A systematic approach to product returns:

  • Improved product quality control
  • Automated printing of returns notes, carrier forms, etc.
  • Early identification of potential supply trouble spots
  • Means of pinpointing a problem customer
  • Improved supplier/customer relationship
  • Monitoring of shipper and carrier performance
  • Monitoring of financial implications of returned goods.


An international manufacturer and supplier of fabrics, paints and wallpapers.

Development Dlatform

Microsoft Access and VBA.