Let the computer take the strain of tracking documents

Document Numbering and Tracking

A suite of Microsoft Word templates—for letters, faxes, press releases, memos, contracts and so on—ensure corporate style for all documents.

Automatically, every document gets stamped with a unique reference for clear identification.

Whatever name the user chooses for a document when they save it, the document always has this reference appended to the file name. Any document can be located on the network simply by its reference.

When file saving their work, a user is directed by the template to choose an appropriate network folder. This ensures that the departmental and workgroup filing system is adhered to at all times.

For documents requiring contact names and addresses, the templates link to user and workgroup address books.

The template also ensures that the reference appears in the printed document so that a printout can always be traced back to its electronic origin.

Value to Client

Automated tracking and filing of all documents:

  • Unique number for every document
  • Templates direct users to save to correct folders
  • Controlled document filing on network
  • File saving and folder choice made easy
  • Saving in training needs
  • Consistent corporate style ensured
  • Straightforward for temps to use.


A merchant bank.