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IT Consultancy, Development, and Training

A guide to the business systems development, and IT consultancy and training services offered by DMW Consultancy Ltd.

Last updated on 2019-01-11.

Databases, Spreadsheets and Templates

When you want to make the most of the information available to your business, DMW will work closely with you to increase productivity, and to identify and exploit opportunities, in pursuit of improved earnings and profitability.

DMW designs, develops and implements databases, spreadsheets and templates as business solutions for clients determinied to maximise on their investment in IT.

For sole traders, SMEs and corporations, DMW has worked on databases and spreadsheets relevant to a wide variety of business sectors, including automotive, aviation, commerce, construction, creative, distribution, education, finance, insurance, ITC, manufacturing, media, marketing, public services, publishing, training, transport, travel and retail.

From working on hundreds of diverse projects and decades of applying Access, Excel and Word since they first appeared in the UK, DMW has gained insights into many businesses, into how they operate and how they want to use their software. Experience gained this way means DMW offers you technical competence allied to a sensitivity for what IT must provide in support of your business.

Support for Users — Software Training

User Support

If your preference is for company-specific training instead of scheduled public courses, then DMW supplies on-site, tailored, training courses and workshops in Microsoft Access, Excel, and Word.

To provide the training that suits your specific needs, you agree with DMW an appropriate pick-and-mix of topics from our introductory, intermediate and advanced level course content.

DMW matches practical aspects of any course to the activities for which you’ll use the software in your day-to-day work. Your needs for training of users, developers and programmers are catered for: Access Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced; Excel Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced; Word Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced; and VBA (Visual Basic for Applcations) across the Microsoft Office/Office 365 suite.

Preparing Specifications for ITTs

For the commission of a new database, say, you’ll get the best price when your ITT (Invitation to Tender) is accompanied by a comprehensive specification.

If your spec is sketchy then potential suppliers or contractors will be reckoning whether 20% or 30% added into their quote is enough to cover themselves against all eventualities.

A well-constructed spec should help in avoiding unfortunate situations, for example:

Please contact DMW if you need help preparing a tender. DMW can help by translating your description of your requirement into the language/jargon of the developer.

Conversion of Access Databases

Access Versions

Microsoft’s support for versions of Access earlier than 2010 is running out, if it didn't do so years ago.

This means no more security patches and therefore the possibility that without appropriate conversions databases will come to jeopardise a business’s accreditation or certification.

Microsoft recommend conversions to the latest version of Office, now version 2019. There’s also the choice between 32 bit and 64 bit versions that needs to be taken.

It doesnn’t matter where in the world you are, we can use secure remote access to assist you with conversions, or to perform them for you. So, please put DMW on your list of potential suppliers.

Occasional Help On Demand

If you need a spot of help only, DMW offers support to users of Microsoft Access, Excel and Word, on an as-and-when-needed basis.

Stuck on an Excel formula or with a table in a Word document jumping all over the page? Please contact DMW. If we can’t find a solution, you won’t be charged.

Working With Your IT People

Many DMW clients have their own IT sections or departments, or rely on external IT companies for their support.

Whatever your IT provision, working closely with your IT people is a key DMW objective. Constructive collaboration will secure the delivery of data and safeguard primary sources, while making as little extra work as possible for everyone involved.

Making the most of your investment in IT




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