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Insurance Premiums and Claims Database

Database tracks the premiums, fees and claims of the policy holders; and the commission of, and payments made to, agents and brokers.

Last updated on 2018-09-06 by David Wallis.

Database Construction

The construction underpinning the database is modular so that the process of adapting it to suit a wide range of insurance businesses is not going to be either time consuming or unduly costly. My intention is not to make a one-design-fits-all, mass-market product, such as would possess lots of “features” that would not be of use to any particular client. I want any installation to be tailored to suit the way in which its users work.

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Value to Client

The database offers a lot of advantages, including these:

Software Development Platform

The database uses Microsoft Access and VBA. It is intended for installatioin on a LAN (local area network) so that it can be used by a number of people at the same time.

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