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Simple DIY Projects During Lockdown

Simple projects requiring few DIY skills and using tools and materials to be found lying about the house, garage or garden.

In maintaining this page I’m keeping myself occupied during lockdown whilst following in full the guidance given by the UK government,

Last updated on 2020-03-31 by David Wallis.

Project #01 — Cable Tidy

Well stocked with toilet rolls? What to do with the cardboard cores when you've used all the paper? Consider manufacturing cable tidies.

Materials Cardboard toilet-roll or kitchen-roll core.

Tools and Equipment Scissors, felt-tip marker pen.

Process Using the scissors, cut the roll into quarters. Using the felt-tip marker, label each tidy with ownership or usage details, or both. The tidies are now ready for use:

Cable tidy

Kids can be encouraged to customise their tidies. This can lead to an element of competition, occupying the kids for a useful amount of time.

Return the scissors to where household authorities tell you they belong.

Safety As with the use of any tool, always follow best practice. If you’ve not achieved full competence in the use of scissors, then before attempting this project, please take instruction from someone who has.

Project #02 — Play House for Baby Hedgehogs

Materials Cardboard toilet roll or kitchen roll core.

Tools and Equipment None required.

Making cable tidies, I’ve used up my stock cardboard cores. So, until the current toilet roll comes to the end of its paper, I’ve made a mock-up, using a short length of down pipe, to illustrate a completed Play House:

Hedgehog house

You might scavenge materials with which to fashion for the cardboard protection against the rain:

Hedgehog play house

With little extra effort you should be able to provide the occupant of the Play House with protection against potential predators:

Hedgehog play house

This might provide reassurance to parents reticent about letting their kids out to play without second-by-second supervision:

Hedgehog family

Good Practice This Play House has not been submitted for approval to the NSPCHH. For the first few nights, make certain that users suffer no injury and exhibit no sign of trauma. At the first signs of either, remove your Play House from the garden, and return the baby to its parents. Discard your Play House in the recyclable-waste bin; and wash your hands.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Arthur Ashe