Proactive treatment of a customer’s complaint
before it becomes a major issue

Customer Complaints Management System

Any complaint about a product or service is logged into the multi-user database and flagged for appropriate attention.

All communications with a customer concerning a complaint are recorded. Hyperlinks point to relevant documents—letters, faxes, emails and so-on—for instant recall of relevant literature relating to complaints handling, when needed.

Debit and credit amounts are set against each complaint to provide financial analysis of the direct costs to the business of the complaints and of dealing with complaints.

Analysis by product, customer and complaint type is used to head off potential customer-care, manufacturing and distribution problems

Value to Client

A systematised approach to customer complaints:

  • Increased levels of customer care
  • Increased levels of customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring of customer care standards
  • Accurate audit trail for any complaint
  • Early identification of possible manufacturing problems
  • Distribution problem spotting
  • Financial assessment of cost of complaint.


An international manufacturer and supplier of fabrics, paints and wallpapers.

Complaints Management Software Platform

Microsoft Access with VBA enhancements.