Unbiased assistance in making the most of your IT

Independent IT Consultant

If you need an independent IT consultant for guidance on your choice and use of new technology, DMW Consultancy believes you will find its advice impartial and unbiased, and in the best interests of your business.

DMW is an independent ICT company. DMW does not sell hardware or software, accept commission from any technology supplier we recommend, or participate in any "partner programme".

To bring you a lot of experience to aid you in making the best of your IT, DMW has a 29 year record of working for firms across a wide variety of business sectors.

ROI (Return on Investment) in IT

Since ROI is a crucial factor in business profitability, it is essential that IT integrates fully and efficiently with other key business processes.

If you worry that you are not making the most out of the time and money spent on your IT, then DMW's aim is to assist you in making a difference in achieving IT that supports most effectively your business objectives.

Flexible IT Consultancy Services

DMW does as much, or as little, as you require:

  • Formal consultancy contract
  • By an hour, by a day or by the project
  • As-and-when basis — our 'general practitioner' roll.

For some clients, DMW supplies on-site technical workshops. People book half-hour slots in a workshop day in which they make use of DMW in addressing their software use and development problems. This is a particularly time-efficient, cost-effective way for clients to tap into a source of technical expertise.

Business Experience

To demonstrate the range of our experience, these are some of the business sectors occupied by companies to which DMW has supplied IT services:

  • Accountancy
  • Advertising and PR
  • Airline industry
  • Art and design
  • Asset management
  • Banking
  • Construction and civil engineering
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Film industry
  • Fitness industry
  • Forestry and landscaping
  • Fund management
  • Health and safety
  • Hospitality and amenities
  • Insurance
  • IT and ICT
  • Interior design
  • Leasing
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Medical products
  • Motor dealerships and motor manufacturers
  • Oil industry
  • Packaging
  • Property development
  • Recruitment
  • School governance
  • Software training
  • Sub contracting
  • Transport.

For a full examples of DMW's involvement in many of the above sectors please visit the Database Design and Development page.